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Funkeln is so colloquial that its impossible to translate it. But, you all know what glam is ! Thats what funkeln is close to. Glam is about good entertainment, the magic of a night and an idea for a place which is not a 9-5 full of rules and hirarchies. Glam is about something beyond and a better place, a paradise to escape to. Even if its only for one night !

Entertainment is provided on all sensual levels: Streetfood starting at 7:00 PM open air, an ambient live concert at 8:00 PM open air, a wall and colours for you to write down your thoughts or draw, our fairies who will „glam“ your faces and clothes if you wish. At 23:59 the party starts with long sets by great artists from Berlin, Zurich, Istanbul & Bucarest, playing live and DJ sets: ADA KALEH, YOUandME, ÜMIT SENOL //MR: LOVERLEE, AROMA*, CASIMIR VON OETTINGEN, & JESTICS. And not to forget our Technotoiletdiscofloor wih RAOUL DUKE & MARCOR. Last not least we will have a game to explore the RITTER BUTZKE in an almost historic path, win drinks by finding them all….oh, and come early and stay late, entry is free till 10:00 PM;

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