Release Date :

Oct. 20th 2107 Beatport, Oct 27th all Plattforms, Format: Digital EP. Catalogue Nr. #123

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Artists: THE CHEAPERS , aka Fraenzen Texas und Ruede Hagelstein are well known professional confetti gourmets in the Berlin underground since 2000 years. Residents at Kater Blau and releases with Upon You, Get Physical und Bar25.

Elementarteilchen im Sinkflug / Fundamental particles in descent is not dedicated to  Michel Houellebecq`s dystopian book published in 1998. Think of how electronic music is made and get the hint. For German speakers here is some nice further inspiration on individualisation as a process. —> Taz Artikel “Peak Individualisation”

The original track is made by —>  dj aroma* .