aromamusic is dj aroma`s label. The Idea is to collaborate, invite and share sounds with other artists on this plattform.
After releasing 100 fine pieces of music in 10 years aromamusic aroma changed the concept a bit to focus more on the core work of deep techno and minimal house.

Here is a short list of some artists we released:

dj aroma
AKA AKA w/th Shemian
Bela Brandes aka Bela Soul
Casimir von Oettingen
Chris Hanke
Don Brazo
Dr. Berger
Empro & Sven Jozwiak
Falko Brocksieper
Felix Tollkuehn
Gebrüder Teichmann
Gianni Vitiello (R.i.p.)
Gustavo Rodrigues
Haito Göpfrich
Hakan Lidbo
Jan Mir & Thomas Svenson
Jacob Suske
Marcus Hartmann
Nadja Lind
Oliver Schories
Pedro Zoy
Polina & Zemtsov
Smacs & Patrick Kong
Sven Wegner
Toby Dreher
Wanja Janeva

Demos: If you think you might fit to the rest of the aromamusic releases, please come to one of our parties and meet us. We have a long and sometimes strange experience working with people we do not know, so we really want to meet you before we collaborate.

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