Welcome to the wonderful world of aromamusic flavoured pop. Bohei is our version of bringing techno into the world of beautifully seducing melodies into clubland. You can also call it our new label brand. bohei_logo_gelb_blu_master

Release Number one is in fact almost one year old. The Horndogz are a french funk band who bring the groove on stage, their performances are legendary. The music ranges between old 70s shaft soul licks and groove armada. Their song “movin on” somehow ended up on aroma`s desk and she decided to give it some postmodern funk for the club flavour.

Here is the result:

The second release is so beautiful it almost hurts. Its taking vocals from an austropop legend and putting it into a creamy mix between house and techy beats. Lots of great responses from our favourite DJs and producers like Acid Pauli and even Beatport gave it a long feature. beatport_feature_bohei

Here is a link to the beatport page with the song :–>