Aromamusic events range from small “get togethers”, medium size parties to bigger, festivallike projects or conferences over several days. We offer to provide artist booking for entire nights. Or we team up with partners and develop concepts, which can be a workshop and/or a meeting plus an event. Or we plan a trip for an entire crew and come with a huge group of friends, fans, technicians and artists. Its always taylored to the occasion, to the location and the idea of the place and the audience. Its always well planed, cared for and curated, because our experience tells us , that performance and staging is a main issue, maybe art. Our lineups are never just a bunch of names, we think carefully of the night as an entity. And we think of an event as something bigger than just a bar, a dj and a soundsystem, we try to rethink clubculture.

Even if the aim is just doing a great party, we love this kind of thing. if one does not notice all the hard work behind a great party the mission was accomplished very well.

Here you find a unfinished and selected list of past events with a detailed explanation in cronological order from newest to oldest. We did many many many more over the years, but its part of a good performance to not remember it all….

TECHNO WG : August 20th, Ritter Butzke , Berlin

IMG_6655This is so German , that we need to explain it. WG is the German word for a shared flat, which is so common, that almost all of our friends live/d in one. Most of the times this means you also have a great time with your flatmates, and at a certain point of the party in the flat you try to remember who`s friend this naked guy in th bathtub is. But meanwhile you end up in the cosy kitchen with too many people in it and make new friends. So we thought why not transfer the vibe of these parties, where evreybody meets up before going to a club into the club. Of course a good WG party needs a decent and fun program, so we provided the sofaesque living room with a silent film dj, we had a concert and live pa and we had a wall to play an analogue version of facebook. Well, in the end it got really late and everybody ended up on the techno floor ….. Partypost on RA

POLAND : May 2016 we were part of the clubexchange between the european cultural capital of this year, Wroclav or Breslau. We took a train with readings and famous figures between the two cities and went to play with our Ritter Butzke friends at Neonside Club. Amongst us was Tresor Club at Das Lokal and the really sweet Bass Brigade Crew from About Blank who played at Baubar.

Here is a recording of dj aroma* s set of the night –> dj aroma at neonside club
Here is a link to the event: –> Neonside Breslau, Berlin Club Exchange


b_rock_casblancaMAROKKO : December 2015 we went to Marocco for a week to represent Berlin Club Culture. In Casablanca we had a meeting with local promoters and artists to talk about cooperation oportunities and to exchange artistic ideas. A party in one of the classic club locations in Casablanca followed and it was a great night. Two DJs from Marocco played, plus two DJs from Berlin and a mostly analog liveset. Two VJs from the local crew provided some great VJing. Needless to say that it was a very nice night with an international audience mixed with the locals from Casablanca.  Here is a link to the party: –> Casablanca B-Rock 2015  flyer_le_dhow

In Rabat, Maroccos small and charming capital we organized another meeting, including a cicuit bending workshop with one of our artists in cooperation with the Hiba Foundation, a cultural institution, like the german goethe institute to provide space and support for maroccan culture. Also buisness talks and a speech of how organisations like the clubcommission works were part of the event. Later we had a great party in the famous boat location “the dow” which showed, that a good Berlin clubnight is always a great occasion to dance , especially if the music is good. Here is a link to the party: –>Party at le Dhow, Rabat

Sticker2BERLIN: August 2015  Our summer party was a good possibility to invite friends from far away. Ada Kaleh was our headliner, and he really deserved being the headliner. He played such an impressing liveset, that everybody went inside to dance on the mainfloor whern it was a real nice summer night and the open air floor was definitely the cosiest choice of the night. We had the istanbul crew visiting with Mr. Loverlee. Other remarkable sets were played by youANDme / Martin and the concert by Hackbert Flausch, who used to be our mastering guy years ago and who is still a great live performer especially when it comes to performing ambient sounds. –> Party, Ritter Butzke , Aug 2015, Berlin11428569_1004062952939621_8250954578965924907_n

BERLIN : June 2015  We wanted to do an afterparty for the annual Open Air party at Schillingbrücke. One part of the crew went to do something small at Kater Holzig but our part of the crew wanted to head off into new waters, and Johnny Knüppel was the perfect choice for this. Johnny Knüppel, back then, was a party wonderland. It was like everything in the 90`s and early millenium years what made Berlin so famous. A huge space was transformed into a party wonderland, all made from what was found and with artistic craft and the inspiration to make a phantasy become a space. The soundsystem was not expensive but the soundguy was a true wizzard ( and our mastering guy ;-)) and made it sound better than badly maintained function one sound systems. The night was awesome, it seemed that nobody wanted to go home and the buzz in the neighborhoud made the whole area a block party. One of those nights to remember, definitely. No RA link, its one of those secret spots for those who know. Some pictures can be found in the gossip section.

BERLIN : May 2015

May first is a huge block party in the neighborhood in Kreuzberg. The myth of this block party  dates  back to 1987, when there were riots, but since years its an easy get together and a good occasion to party outside on the streets after an ugly and long Berlin winter. We wanted to give people the possibility to come over to our party after spending the whole day outside at the block party, so we provided some good entertainment which had to do with the history and the riots. You could play games and throw with cobbelstones , fluffy little fake ones but they looked so real that the german press agency DPA gave Ritter Butzke a call to find out if we were completely insane and what the hell was going on. Well, some great Music with Marcel Janovsky, from cologne and some funny peaceful and great entertainment…;-)  –> Party May 1st 2105, Ritter Butzke , Berlin

Older missions:







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