berlin flavours

Title: Berlin Flavours

Artist: V.A., Aka Aka and Shemian, Fenin, Gianni Vitiello, Empro, Sven Jozwiak, Gunne, Nadja Lind, DJ Aroma, etc…

aromamusic 065, release date aug 30th, 2010


Info: Berlin Flavours – 16 contemporary Clubtracks from Berlin Berlin Flavours is a soulful minimal / tech house compilation mixing 16 contemporary clubstyles from the elctronic capital. All artists have a strong connection to the berlin clubscene. Well known artists playing in Arena Club, Ritterbutzke, Watergate, Club Maria, Bar 25, Suicide Circus or Golden Gate contibuted tracks. The sound is as strong and diverse as the electronic club scene in Berlin. Its a compilation representing a club weekend brought to the Ipod, living room or wherever you and your ears are. It starts friday night, has a lovely peak on saturday, going on really deep on sunday, ending totally wild on monday night. This compilation is trip to the berlin clubscene.