chess players

Title: Let`s play Chess

Artist: DJ Aroma, Dom Williams

aromamusic 068, release date march 21st, 2011


Info: Chess players is one of those strange Berlin projects: It goes from Wedding to Kreuzberg not using the ghetto express, the subway line U8, to meet in their two different studios, but using the internet as a much closer way of connecting. That’s why they are the chess players! They felt like little kids in the days before the internet, exchanging chess moves by post and playing a mutual game somehow virtually. One file would start the game and then it went on, just like a game of chess. In the end they created two different versions from the same theme and starting point, two remixes of an imaginary track that never existed in first place. Dom Williams gives all, coming from a background of western germanys house scene during the 90s as a youngster. DJ Aroma goes for a more minimal and fluffy afterhours feel. Its their first co/op release but they enjoyed the mutual workflow, so the project will continue in the future but probably still without using the U/Bahn.