lx flavour compilation

Title : LX Sabor – Lisbon Flavours

Artist: V.A. , Nham Nham, Buggy Freaks, Miguel Sa, Pedro Zoy, Paradanca, Gustavo Rodrigues, Stereo Addicition, Pedro Goya, John-E, Zentex, Nuno Correia, etc…

aromamusic 070, release date: aug 15th, 2011


Info: We finally finished our new compilation LX Sabor – Lisbon Flavours. Yes, we expanded our Flavour Compilation Series from Berlin to the exact opposite side of Europe, to Portugal. As usually, we hunted the flavours and talents of a city and the end result is another very charming collection of very special electronic flavours. We have very sweet house sounds, sunny deep grooves, some very distinct minimal techno and some ambience in the end. Not to forget the typical southern style of Portuguese Techhouse which is a great mixture between deep house and minimal grooves. Its like a souvenier, something very tasty and special like the famous dishes or sweets from the typical portuguese pastry shops. Only our souvenier is for the ears to get homesick to this beautiful and lovely city. At the same time we are very happy to give these great producers and DJs from the other edge of Europe the plattform for their great music. Lisbon is not as big as Barcelona, its not as fancy as Berlin but it`s completely true and very original in itself. In Berlin it`s easy to say you`re a DJ , there is thousands of others living the same livestyle. But in Lisbon the party scene is not as big as in our hometown, Berlin. If you want to have a decent party in Lisbon you better organize one or help your friend doing it and that keeps the spirit of the scene high. We are very impressed by all the good music that comes from this background and very proud to have a German – Portuguese co-work on this wonderfull diverse and sunny compilation. There are two great DJ Mixes available from Miguel Sa and Gustavo Rodrigues, two guys who are personalities for quality electro in Lisbon. Gustavo is also a great producer and Miguel is running an artistic plattform and a label called variz.org. Its as deep as red wine, as sad as fado, as blue as the Tejo river, as sweet as pastry, not as rough as Berlin but unbelievable sunny, the friendly electronic sounds of the most westerly city in southern europe- Lisbon.